Snow School

The Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association in conjunction with the Winter Wild Land Alliance, Friends of the Inyo, and the United States Forest Service is helping Mammoth Elementary 5th graders become familiar with their snowy surroundings. In a 4-part lesson plan the 5th graders will first learn about the water cycle and watersheds and the role they play regarding snow. Then the students will be shown how to get in, use, and maneuver about in snowshoes so that they are prepared for the snow school. The Snow School day, will have the kids learning multiple aspects about snow science including, snow water equivalent, snowflake structure, and winter ecology while also being able to enjoy snowshoeing, belly sliding, and many other fun activities. The students will then meet with instructors one last time to follow up and reinforce what they have learned. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn how be safe, understand, and appreciate all that winter had to offer.

Snow School Day 1 - Top of the Watershed

For the first day of snow school Mammoth Elementary 5th graders hiked up to McCloud Lake to make models of their surrounding watershed. Students used sand and natural materials to make their detailed watersheds. Students then were able to pour water over their creations and observed how water drains.