Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inspire people about Eastern Sierra public lands through high quality interpretive products, exhibits, and programs.


We operate outstanding bookstores, cooperate with our public land management partners to operate successful visitor centers, and provide high quality interpretive programs, exhibits, and publications throughout the Eastern Sierra.   We do all this to educate and inspire people about this region, to encourage them to get to know the area better, and to enable everyone to be effective stewards of these resources.

Our Vision

Through our interpretive work and sales, we will create strong emotional and intellectual connections between people and the public lands of the Eastern Sierra, motivate people to protect and preserve this region through effective stewardship, responsible behavior and personal investment. 

Our Values

  • Support and work closely with our public agency partners
  • Collaborate with non-profit and other organizations to achieve better outcomes
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Encourage diversity in our program planning and implementation
  • Provide leadership in demonstrating professional interpretation in the Eastern Sierra
  • Act with integrity and fairness in all we do
  • Communicate openly and frequently both inside and outside our organization
  • Ensure financial responsibility and accountability
  • Show respect for everyone we encounter
  • Build and maintain a satisfying and fun work environment


Educate - Inspire - Explore