Bridgeport Ranger Station

The Bridgeport Ranger District headquarters and ESIA bookstore is located on U.S. Highway 395, just south of Bridgeport, California.

The station is open year-round, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. In summer months, it's also open weekends. Bus parking is available. Call ahead: 760.932-7070  

The Bridgeport District encompasses over one million acres within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, stretching across California and Nevada. Its vast size makes it one of the largest districts in the National Forest Service system.

Many diverse habitats and ecosystems exist within the district, spanning from the mountainous Hoover Wilderness into the high desert of the Great Basin. Sparkling mountain streams, ice-fed glacial tarns, and recreational lakes and dams delight fishing enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Stunning landscapes of high, snow-covered peaks and lush, flower-filled spring meadows provide endless inspiration to countless photographers - amateur and professional alike. Wildlife and bird watchers are also drawn by the many animals and birds who live here year-round or seasonally migrate through, including California black bears, mule deer, bald and golden eagles, and osprey.  

With its roots in cattle ranching and the mining era heyday of the late 1800s, the community of Bridgeport enjoys a colorful history peppered by many western legends. Today, main attractions include the annual 4th of July rodeo and historic Mono County Courthouse (circa 1880), still open and serving as the county seat.